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"…the best came tu us of Almaigne, on this side of the toune of Munic, and from AQUILA in Italie…"
Adrian Le Roy ("A briefe and plaine instruction…" London 1574)
Aquila USA is the U.S. representative for Aquila Corde Armoniche early music strings and an importer of Aquila modern music strings. Aquila Corde produces the finest gut strings and synthetic strings, for historical and modern musical performance.
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Intro Introduction
N High and mid range plain nylon strings ("N" type)
D Low range multifilament nylgut wound with copper wire ("D" type)
NG Nylgut synthetic strings (“NG” type)
HR High and mid range high twist plain gut strings, half rectified or oiled ("HR" type)
V Mid range double twist roped plain gut strings ("V" type) "Venice"
C Low range fully loaded gut strings AVAILABLE BY SPECIAL ORDER ( “C” type)
F,A Low range plain gut core, wound with pure silver wire, according to the manufacturing criteria of the 18th and 19th century ("F" type), or silver plated copper wire for an economical alternative A TYPE BY SPECIAL ORDER ONLY ("A" type)
Violin Complete Aquila string possibilities for violin family instruments and double bass
Viol Complete Aquila string possibilities for viol family instruments
Lutes String information about lutes
Everything Else Descriptions of Aquila banjo, charango, classical guitar, cuatro, ronrocco, timple canario sets
Fret-gut Fret-gut. Rosin from an 18th century recipe is here, too.
Notes Information about AquilaUSA, ordering Aquila strings, and links
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